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We create impact with Clean Design. Let me design your Sexy Home !

Studio Erol is an interior and architectural firm that specialized in circular design well before the word was even invented. Studio Erol has been working successfully at home and abroad for more than 20 years. The focus is increasingly on circularity, where we design from the materials. By collecting, connecting and enriching the right data as an architect, I contribute to the transition to make the construction and demolition world circular.

Studio Erol

My passion for design is to create tranquility in spaces with minimalist interventions that encourage change.

Finding the right balance has become my trademark. Simple, by providing creative solutions.

We live in a throwaway society in which I struggle to deal with materials differently. I used to do that. With flea market visits. I have even created living programs on how you can create a new interior with your own furniture.

Designing homes that realize comfort and spatial freedom remains the passion. The reuse of materials plays an increasingly important role in this.Especially if this means that the intended budgets always turn out to be lower.Because I operate independently, I can perform a scan on location or digitally at any time and immediately come up with a plan. That’s my strength. Within half an hour I will tell you what the possibilities are.

I see, I see what you don’t see……… So call or send me an email.

Our design strength is that we always start from the inside and make the translation into architecture that adapts to the environment.

In order not to see circularity in construction as a cost item, but as a revenue opportunity, I am constantly working to order chaos from new values. Every moment is an opportunity to better translate the thoughts and actions of the past into the future. I use developed data to achieve the best result. As a creative person, give me the space to think freely and I will create impact with Design. Within 1 working week, we translate a well thought-out concept within the right context into a 3d Model. Good architecture does not have to be complicated. Subsequently, if desired, we will support the entire process how we will realize your design in the right way within budget and time.

Let me Design your SexyHome!

Home is the only place where you can be 100% yourself. How fantastic is it if your finances make it possible to have your own home designed.

Finding the right architect who can translate exactly that feeling you want is a quest that must be done carefully. Anyone can design a house. Not anyone can designing your home. That requires attention and depth. If you want a house that reflects you in who you are and where you stand, you will have to look at it carefully. That takes time and energy. And that is not always easy. On the contrary. That requires trust in the process.In order to receive the right input, we have developed a drawing technique that quickly translates your ideas into the right 3Dconcept design. We always start with a 3D visualization first, so that we get the following response from you:


If we have succeeded, we will further adjust the model from there and realistically translate it into construction drawings so that formal applications can be submitted. Because we operate internationally, we always work together with local engineering firms and contractors.If desired, we use the correct data that is needed to move towards a circular design according to our credo: Own the house. Lease the materials. This allows you to free up more financial space for your dream home.