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Best in Concept Design!

Concept design

Architectural office EROL is well known for his concept designs. GOOD ARCHITECTURE IS NOT COMPLICATED.

With a skilled team of multidisciplinary specialists combining creativity and technical expertise to deliver stunning designs that meet your unique needs. Specialized in residential and programming projects connecting spaces, people and art. We pride ourselves on bringing fresh, cutting-edge ideas to the table.

Hire to inspire

If you have not yet the solution to a problem that has not yet been solved or which so far has been solved unsatisfactorily.

Why concept?

The moment you invest more in a powerful concept, the total investment will be less.

Our commitment to collaboration and communication ensures that you are involved in every step of the process.

Architect Erol stands for impactful concept design by incorporating sustainable practices such as the use of recycled and reused materials.

3 reasons

to hire architect Erol for brainstorming sessions:

  1. If there are complex issues that require new refreshing insights to which new applications must be linked.
  2. If there is a demand for a strong listening skill that can be directly translated into a practical application.
  3. If front-runners are required, as a cross-thinker will drive them forward, where collaborations and the right communication are ingredients for success.

Keep it simple and sexy

Architect Erol Öztan